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2011 rocked!!!



It took me a while to decide if i should make a post from my works from 2011..

Since it has been special year in many ways and im more than happy about it, i had to share my emotions about it.:)

I have to make a confession – the first time in 9 years that i have been in photography business, i felt that im close finding my style and
finding the approach i have been looking for so long. Allthough i still belive i have long way to go and lot to learn.
Definetly has this year been very different from previous ones. I never didnt dare to dream about shoot on the streets of New York or weddings in Sweden or
France. Travelling to England and Vienna also came pretty unexpected – so it has been a year
full of travelling, great clients, positive feedback and im really happy about it  all and i can only say:” whatta good job i have”.

Thank you all my clients in 2011 who trusted me to shoot their special events, portraits, familys. Without you
i couldnt have been able to process my ideas and dreams!

I just want to say all to you – all who read my blog and follow my work – i truly appriciate it.
You rock!  happy New year / HEAD UUT AASTAT to all of you:)))

..and before looking pictures definetly press ” play” button :))

Here are only some of my works from 2011.

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