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beautiful Seychelles wedding { Eviza&Indrek}

This year has started with so many emotions, experiences . I have been travelling to Yosemite in States and shortly after that had a wedding at Seychelles. Seychelles is a paradise in Indian Ocean with 155 small islands. The main island  Mahe is where the wedding took place. It was around +35 degrees , but it felt like +48 (as it said in weather announcment ).

Wedding  location was just amazing- Banyan Tree Hotel . That day in march with Eviza & Indrek was beautiful and intimate .

Im just so thankful and happy for these moments and opportunities! Big thanks to Eviza and Indrek for having me taking pictures at their wedding  !LUVYA!



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  • Tiina - Imelised pildid imeliste inimestega!!! Ja fotograafi tabatud hetked on kirjeldamatult ilusad!ReplyCancel

  • Maarja - Stina, Sa oled väike võlur, kas tead! 😀ReplyCancel

  • Eviza - Kallis Stina, raske on oma emotsioone sõnadesse panna. Me teame, et Sa oled PARIM, kuid iga kord suudad Sa üllatada. Pildid on fantastilised ja lihtsalt ei saa olla paremat mälestust sellest erilisest päevast, kui Sinu tehtud pildid….Aitäh Sulle Kallis Stina!!! 🙂

    Dear Stina, it’s so hard to put our emotions into words. We know that You are THE BEST but every time You manage to surprise. Pictures are amazing and just it is not possible to have better memory from that special day than pictures You made…Thank You Dear Stina!!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kadi - Just kui film. Dreams come true! Ja fotod muidugi- awwwReplyCancel

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