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Gerry ❤ Karin { Romance in Taevaskoja }

Gerry´s secretly planned proposal to his girfriend was carefully prepared many months before . His  romantic plan was to take her to walk to the forrest  to their special place ( i can only tell its in Taevaskoja- beautiful place in southern Estonia ) and surprise her.

I had  honor to witness and capture that special moment. When they finally arrived – my heart was racing …it was just so simple and beautiful.

Ofcourse i  was suppose to be ” invisible surprise”-  at least at the beginning. It was pretty fun hiding myself behind the trees without no leaves.

Yesterdays spring- weather reminded me this day with you. Thank you Karin & Gerry for this opportunity. 🙂

..and by the way..Gerry is amazing photographer. Take a look at his work:

I will let the pictures do the talk now 🙂



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