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Zenja the Stylist and Pidgeon – quite self explanatory really…Make-up artist Õnne Shooting for the Baltic Guide magazine november issue took place in a rainy day at Tallinn old-town…I guess these are the last days for shooting outside with a natural light…soon its gonna be cold and dark and i have to start using really high Iso ´s  or even worse – using flash:(

Its a big pleasure to work with such professional team!  Õnne is definetly the best at what she is doing .You can find her beautiful creation at and well Zenja is just the spirit  and the energybomb and stylista:) Thank you guys for this great day!

  • Malin Lundgren - Hi,

    My name is Malin and i”ll getting married in the 28 of may. Now i`m looking for a weddingphotograf. I now it´s a short time notice, but I got your name from a collegue and I thougt-I can take a chanse and ask you if it`s possible for you to take some pitchers of us that day and that you not have anything else planned that weekend !!!

    So, if its could be possible, let me know soon!



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